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30 weeks pregnant. You're three quarters of the way there

The due date is looming on the horizon, so it's time to start getting yourself ready

Posted: 5 August 2008
by Maria Muennich

Woman 30 weeks pregnant lying in bed asleep
At 30 weeks pregnant with just 10 weeks to go it's all about making sure you're getting a comfortable night's sleep

Congratulations! You're 30 weeks pregnant. 3/4 of the way through your pregnancy and from here on in you may feel like you're counting down the weeks to go until your due date. But if your pregnancy has skipped along reasonably quickly until this point  then you can expect to feel something of a slowdown for these last ten weeks.  This is largely because you yourself may be slowing down a little as you get larger and more ungainly: Most women will now be feeling some impact of carrying around several extra kilos, whether this means that you're simply tiring more quickly than before or are experiencing aches and pains associated with the weight. You'll also be feeling the tiring impact of increasing levels of progesterone at this time.

Find out what's happening with your baby this week

As you get bigger, even some simple things may be starting to get more difficult, such as bending down to pick something up, or putting on shoes. And it's not uncommon to find yourself huffing and puffing, particularly if you're on your feet a lot at work, or chasing around after a toddler!

Your bump might be feeling quite taut and full - with bony bits of baby body sticking out at various places and angles, or moving across your bump -  and you may be wondering how you could possibly get any bigger. It might feel like baby is simultaneously sticking her feet up into your ribs, her elbows out to the side of your tummy and bouncing her head on your pelvis - all of which could be true. She's probably very active right now as well, which while reassuring and generally fun to experience, can also add to your discomfort levels, particularly at night when you're trying to sleep! Getting a comfortable sleeping position is one of the keys to a decent night's sleep, and we find our banana-shaped support cushion invaluable at this time: The fact that we can also use it for a great breastfeeding support after baby is born makes it an even better investment.

Now you're passed the 30-week mark you're probably also feeling a lot more secure about your baby's prospects given the very high survival rate for babies born at this stage or later, so you may be beginning to feel that you're playing something of a waiting game. But your baby still has plenty of developing to do in this last pregnancy quarter, not least in terms of simply putting on weight: Right now she probably weighs around 1.3 kilos, and this is likely to approximately triple before the birth.

This means that you yourself are gaining weight quite rapidly at this point, in the region of half a kilo a week. If the extra weight is already feeling a burden then why not try a swimming session to bring some relief. Not only will the water give you a sense of weightlessness giving your joints and muscles a break, but regular exercise like this will also set you in good stead for the birth.

Do listen to your body and if you're feeling the strain then make sure you get plenty of rest and relaxation as well as suitable gentle exercise, water and a good diet to boost your energy levels.

Things to do this week

Start preparing for the birth - With only ten weeks to go it's time to start thinking about the birth itself. Make sure you have read up on labour and birth and think about what kind of experience it is you are hoping for, that should help you sort through the various birthing options, including where you're hoping to give birth.

Make an appointment to see the antenatal ward - If you're considering a certain hospital or birthing centre then try to arrange a visit if you can. Use the opportunity to ask plenty of questions about usual procedures and anything else that's important to you. Even if you booked in with a hospital earlier in your pregnancy you should still be able to change this if your preferences have altered.

Get to an antenatal class - If this is your first birth you're likely to find antenatal classes particularly useful, not least for meeting other mums-to-be who are due at a similar time to you.

Gear up your body - If you haven't yet got round to it then it's time you paid a little attention to preparing your body for the birth.

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