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Fetal development - week 30

Sprouting hair

Posted: 19 May 2005
by ThinkBaby

30-week fetus - Image courtesy of Babybond
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Your baby now weighs nearly 1.3 kg or 3lbs. The soft, fine early hair called lanugo that has been protecting your baby’s skin in the womb is beginning to disappear and she may now have some real hair - some babies are born with a head full of hair and others with none.

When awake, she will often have her eyes open and be looking around the womb, taking in her surroundings.

Her toenails are now nearly fully developed.

What's happening with mum?
It’s very common for women to have mild edema at this stage of pregnancy, so there’s no need for concern if your feet or ankles swell occasionally, particularly when it’s hot or if you have been on your feet for a while. But there is a risk of pregnant women developing pre-eclampsia, which would require medical attention quickly, so if you have prolonged swelling or swelling on your face and hands, have a bad headache, nausea, vomiting or a rise in blood pressure then contact your doctor right away.

NB: All pregnancies are different and fetal growth rates vary, this is meant only as an approximate guide to development. If you have any concerns about your developing pregnancy then speak to your doctor.

Your pregnancy

Indigestion & wind - As your uterus expands and your abdomen becomes more cramped you may well experience and increase in indigestion and wind. Here are some ideas of how to reduce wind.

Safe to exercise for sporty types?- As your third trimester gets underway you may be wondering whether to modify your sport and exercise programme to accommodate your pregnancy.

Aromatherapy for childbirth?- Most likely by now you will know where you are going to give birth and what kind of pain relief is on offer, but it's not too late to consider how you can provide yourself with some extra uplifting support with alternative therapies such as aromatherapy.

Pregnancy experiences

SPD - At first the midwife told me it was just pregnancy pains and quite normal but then they became worse and I found I couldn't walk very far at all and I could hear a clicking sound as I moved about and it was really painful trying to move around in bed...SPD is a reasonably common pregnancy complaint, you can ask questions or contribute experiences and suggestions for coping on the forum.

You can join in the other discussions and share birth experiences and advice with other ThinkBaby members in the pregnancy or birth folders.

Blog away! If you've been keeping a blog of your pregnancy on TB don't forget to update it with what's been happening this week.

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Hi Ladies,

I am 30 weeks pregnant and i have always loved my food very hot (Its always lots of hot pepper or not for me). Is it OK to eat very hot and spicy food at this stage of pregnancy? and is it OK for my four year old son who is starting to eat like his parents? Thanks for your advice.

Posted: 27/06/2007 at 09:30

hi there, its fine to eat whatever your body is used to, if you have always eaten hot food then carry on, its an old wives tale about the curry thingy to bring on labour, my friends have tried it and it dont work!! LOL if your little boy also enjoys his food that way, dont worry unless it gives him a dodgy tummy i would just let him carry on. congratulations on your pregnancy and enjoy your food!!! xxx

Posted: 27/06/2007 at 15:20

Hello Karen Willis,

Thank you very much for responding. I fell much better now knowing my eating habit is no problem. Thanks.

Posted: 29/06/2007 at 09:57

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