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Fetal development: Week 11

Vital organs are in place

Posted: 30 May 2005
by ThinkBaby

10-week fetus - Image courtesy of Babybond
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Your baby is now around 3.5 centimetres long and weighs about 9 grammes. This week she begins to develop her irises and the ridges on her fingers are developing into nails.

The internal parts of the ears are now fully formed and the vital organs (brain, liver, kidneys, lungs and intestines) are fully functional. Her stomach is now moving into her abdominal cavity and the oesopahgus, connecting the stomach and throat, will soon be complete. This will enable your baby to start swallowing amniotic fluid shortly.

Over the course of this week your baby is already kicking and punching in the amniotic fluid, although it'll probably be at least another six weeks before you're able to feel the movements.

What’s happening with Mum?
By now you will have booked your 12-week scan and will soon have the chance of hearing your baby’s heartbeat. You may also want to think about whether to undergo antenatal screening to check for abnormalities, particularly if you are in your late thirties or have a family history of genetically transferred illness.

You may already have put enough weight that yourself and your partner would notice, and you may be finding some of your pre-pregnancy clothes a little tight. Conversely you may be able to see no changes, or may even have lost weight if you've been struggling with morning sickness and finding it difficult to eat.

NB: All pregnancies are different and fetal growth rates vary, this is meant only as an approximate guide to development. If you have any concerns about your developing pregnancy then speak to your doctor.

Caring for your pregnancy

Getting exercise - Exercise in pregnancy can help ease the pains of pregnancy and labour and help you get back into shape after birth faster too. Here's some ideas for safe safe pregnancy workouts.

Trouble sleeping? - It's very common for pregnant women to have difficulties sleeping at various times during their pregnancy, including the first few months. If you're suffering from a lack of sleep take a look at our ideas for getting a better night's sleep.

Pregnancy experiences

Useful pregnancy books - I saw the review of Yehuid Gordon's Birth and Beyond on this website, and it is a book I have and which has been pretty useful. It's also very dry and informative, rather than anecdotal. Any of you girls got any suggestions for books? Take a look at the book recommendations others gave Shelley on the forum.

You can join in the discussions and share pregnancy experiences and advice with other ThinkBaby members in the pregnancy folder.

You can also check out ThinkBaby's reviews of pregnancy and parenting books as well as member reviews.

Suffering at work? - At work at 11am every day I rush to the corner shop and buy a packet of crisps. No one knows I’m up the duff and I wish I could tell them so that they would understand how truly awful I feel.Writes Lucy in her pregnancy diary.

You can keep your own online pregnancy diary with the ThinkBaby blogs and either share it with family and friends or keep it for yourself.

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