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Fetal development: Week 13

Eyes and ears

Posted: 30 May 2005
by ThinkBaby

Image of 12-week fetus courtesy of Babybond
Want to see a bigger pic?

Your baby will now be between 6.5 and 9cm long and weigh between 14 and 20 grammes. Her head now takes up about half the length of her body and from here on in will grow more slowly than the rest of her body. The eyes now move closer together, away from the sides of the head and the ears move into their normal position.

Your baby’s intestines, originally developed in the umbilical cord, now withdraw into your baby’s abdomen. The genitals continue to develop and around about now a baby boy could probably be distinguished from a girl if examined outside the womb.

What’s happening with Mum
As your abdomen swells you may find that you begin to get stretch marks on your skin. Unfortunately there’s no sure way to avoid stretchmarks, you’re either lucky or, as in most cases, not. You may be able to help prevent them or help them fade after pregnancy by massaging your growing bump and keeping the area moist with oils or moisturisers. Make sure though, that any oils or creams you use are safe for use during pregnancy and don’t be tempted to use steroid creams like hydrocortisone on the area.

NB: All pregnancies are different and fetal growth rates vary, this is meant only as an approximate guide to development. If you have any concerns about your developing pregnancy then speak to your doctor.

Pregnancy experiences

When to stop working? - Just wanting to get an idea as to when most of you stopped working? I love my job and would ideally like to carry on with it as far down the road as possible.. but I also want to have enough time to get myself and the nursery organised before the baby arrives... If, like Sophie, you're wondering when you should plan to give up work then why not join in the discussion on the forum?

There are stacks more useful threads to browse through, or you can start your own in the pregnancy folder.

The 12-week scan - Martin was away again so I went on my own for the scan, but I didn't mind much really. I'd heard that having morning sickness was a good sign, but I was still worried. Everything went fine and the doctor put me totally at ease, just chit chatting about things. blogs Barb on week 13.

You might have had your 12-week scan already or you might still have to wait another week or so. It's an emotional time but you can keep a record of it all on your own pregnancy blog.

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