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Fetal development: Week 28

Congratulations, you're into the third trimester!

Posted: 27 May 2005
by ThinkBaby

Foetus at 28 weeks
Find out what your little one is doing in your womb now you're 28 weeks pregnant

You've made it to the third trimester! If born now your baby would have a very good chance of survival, but the final three months are when all the hard work of the previous six is matured so we want to keep her right where she is for the time being. Did you miss out on what was happening to your baby last week? Take a look at fetal development - week 27.

Your baby now weighs around 900 grams or 2lbs. She is probably now at the peak of her activity, before the space she has to play in begins to shrink as her body takes up more and more of it. It may feel as though there's a football match going on in there, but if all the action is disturbing you then remember that it's important for her to tone up her muscles prior to birth. Her freshly opened eyes now boast very well formed eyelashes and eyebrows.

The lungs are now capable of breathing air, but need more time to fully mature, so if your baby were born now she'd need assistance breathing to start off with.

Over the next trimester your baby will put on a lot of weight, in bone mass, muscle and plenty of fat.

What's happening with mum?

You'll find that your physical changes are most obvious in this trimester, if you haven't already mushroomed then prepare to get big! The extra weight you're carrying around in this trimester is likely to become a burden and as your joints are beginning to weaken in preparation for birth you're likely to experience aches and pains as well as other third trimester delights, like varicose veins and haemorrhoids. Relieve aches and pains as much as you can through exercise -prenatal yoga, walking, swimming and stretching are all good – and  warm baths.

The baby presses down more on your bladder now, meaning that you'll find yourself going to the loo even more often. With the extra pressure you might find that you get some leakage of urine when you laugh, sneeze or cough, bringing a whole new meaning to peeing yourself laughing. If you've been doing your Kegel exercises this is when you can reap the rewards! If not, it's never to late to start...

Moving into the third trimester can be as much of a shock as a relief. You may find that the realities of being about to become parents hit you more strongly as you start to think more about premature labour, your birthing options and how to incorporate a new baby into your life – whether it's your first, second or later!

If you've been putting it off then now's the time to think about making preparations for the baby, getting the nursery ready - if you're lucky enough to have one -, deciding whether you'll be using re-usable or disposable nappies and buying other nursery essentials. It may seem a bit early still, but you'll soon be feeling more tired and cumbersome and the last thing you'll want to be doing towards the end of your pregnancy is trailing round the shops in a panic.

NB: All pregnancies are different and fetal growth rates vary, this is meant only as an approximate guide to development. If you have any concerns about your developing pregnancy then speak to your doctor.

Find out more about what's happening to you in the third trimester of pregnancy.

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