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Fetal development: Week 6

The limb buds appear

Posted: 30 May 2005
by ThinkBaby

Scan of baby at 6 weeks
Here's what your baby looks like inside your tummy at week 6 of your pregnancy

By the end of this week your baby will be about half a centimetre long and shaped like a tadpole with a protrusion like a tail at the end of the spine.

If you had an ultrasound at five weeks it would probably look something like this one on the right. Here by the red arrow you can see the dark, round yolk sac, which is about the size of a pea. In this case the baby is still too small to be visible, but sometimes the baby can also be made out at this time.

During this week limb buds for your baby's arms and legs will appear and the starting blocks for facial features begin to take shape. The already beating heart is now finding a more settled rhythm and developing its interior chambers, and rudimentary blood is beginning to be moved through the main vessels.

Other major organs like the kidneys are beginning to form, as are the early structures of the eyes and ears. The embryo is also now developing the tissue that will form the baby's vertebra.

What's happening with mum?

People often talk about women glowing during pregnancy, but at this early stage you're more likely to find your skin and hair changing for the worse. Your hair might become lank and greasy and you might well find that you have more spots than you did as a teenager!

Higher progesterone levels can affect your digestion and while most women expect bouts of morning sickness, you might not be prepared for the likely indigestion, constipation or wind that may already have started. Peppermint tea can often help settle a stomach but if you take any medicines then make sure that they're safe for use during pregnancy – many indigestion tablets are.

NB: All pregnancies are different and fetal growth rates vary, this is meant only as an approximate guide to development. If you have any concerns about your developing pregnancy then speak to your doctor.

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