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Pregnancy: Last Ten Weeks

Your useful guide to the last ten weeks of your pregnancy

Posted: 25 June 2009
by ThinkBaby

As your bump begins to get seriously big and those kicks remind you on a regular basis that you are most definitely pregnant, there is a real sense of any day now about the weeks leading up to your due date.

The last 10 weeks - the countdown!
Read our articles about each of the last 10 weeks of your pregnancy for what to expect and more about how your baby is doing, as well as useful tips on preparing for the birth…

Week 30 The due date is looming on the horizon, so it's time to start getting yourself ready.

Week 31 What's happening this week and what you can usefully do to gear up for the birth.

Week 32 56 days to go until the due date and you may be ready to take things a little easier.

Week 33 49 days to go until your due date and you're probably feeling a little cramped in there.

Week 34 42 days until your due date - here's what you may be experiencing and what to get ready this week.

Week 35 You're 35 weeks in and you've got only 35 days to go until you reach your due date.

Week 36 28 days until you're due and your weekly checks now include seeing what's happening to your cervix.

Week 37 Still three weeks off your due date but you've reached term - you're baby wouldn't be considered a premmie if he arrived today.

Week 38 Your due date is 14 days away and you're probably ready for it all to be over. But be prepared to wait a little yet.

Week 39 Your due date may be seven days off, but baby is most likely to come somtime in the next two weeks, and more likely late than early.

Week 40 You've made it to your due date, but don't expect baby to arrive today…

For more about the final trimester of your pregnancy, go to Preparing for Birth.

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