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Babies can make jokes before they can even speak
Young babies make jokes and form friendships with subtle, non-verbal gestures, a new study has found

20 February 2012

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it with babies
Babies can understand what their mums mean even when they speak in a different language, new study finds

10 January 2012

Learning to crawl
Between six and ten months many babies learn how to get around under their own steam, but there are many styles besides the traditional crawl

07 September 2011

Babies can recognise numbers before they can talk
How amazing babies are learning more than we think from day one

17 June 2011

Babies really do grow while they sleep
Extra naps and hour of sleeping increase growth spurts

03 May 2011

Baby educational DVDs won’t create a genius
Talking to your toddler found to be better for his development than educational TV and DVDs

04 November 2010

Emotional receptiveness more important than routine for baby sleep
Babies sleep better if their parents are open and emotionally receptive rather than followers of a strict routine

11 August 2010

Babies grasp number, space and time concepts at just 9 months!
Babies may recognise physical concepts better than previously thought, finds study

16 June 2010

Going to nursery isn’t bad for babies
Attending nursery before the age of 2 doesn’t harm toddler development

07 June 2010

What to do with early risers?
Once the wakeful nights of baby feeds subside, you then have to hope your child doesn't become 'an early riser'. 7am is one thing, 8am is great, but how do you deal with 5.30am?!

17 September 2009

Scribbling, drawing and painting for toddlers
When the skills develop, ideas on encouraging your budding artist, safety pointers and useful materials

21 July 2009

Month-by-month development
How your baby changes from month to month

18 March 2009

Babies and toddlers who bite
Biting doesn't have to become a bad habit, but you need to be firm and clear about how you deal with your child and her choppers!

24 September 2008

Toddlers' comforters - should you discourage them?
Many toddlers adopt a security object such as a teddy or blanket as a normal part of their healthy development, but there are a couple of things you should watch out for

09 October 2007

Child development and sport
A new study shows that playing sport has a positive impact on child development.

08 October 2007

Babysigning online course
Check out this useful online babysigning course to help you and your baby learn the magic of communication before he can talk!

24 July 2006

Soft Play Zone’s Developmental Play Mat
A soft play mat that's practical and stimulating as well as fun for your baby.

07 July 2006

K's Kids learning toys for babies
A new range of toys for play and development from your baby's earliest stages.

28 March 2006

Can babies count?
A US study suggests babies as young as seven months have basic numeracy skills.

16 February 2006

Longterm outlook bright for premature babies
A new study from Canada suggests low birth-weight babies catch up with their normal birth-weight equals by early adulthood.

09 February 2006

1 to 20 of 29 articles.
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