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Calmer babies have fewer allergies
High levels of stress in babies increases their risk of developing allergies

14 December 2011

Baby girl is kept alive by Viagra
Heart op child uses sex drug to stop her turning blue

02 December 2011

“Crying could have killed our baby.”
A rare heart condition meant that Lucas Joyce put his life at risk every time he cried

24 November 2011

Campaign launched to ensure parents know how to recognise common lung infection
A third of children will catch bronchiolitis before their first birthday – know the signs

30 September 2011

Meet the smallest baby ever to undergo life-saving heart surgery
Little Eleana weighs just 3lb 5oz

23 August 2011

Mums warned to avoid hot public transport with babies
Heat wave causes baking temperatures on tubes and trains that could be dangerous for small babies

03 August 2011

Babies’ skin more easily damaged by the sun than previously thought
Exposure of babies’ sensitive skin linked to later skin cancer

07 June 2011

Toxins found in baby rice - the facts behind the headlines
After reports in the media about low level arsenic, cadmium and lead being found in rice-based baby foods, we lay out the facts you need to know

13 April 2011

Babies with smoker parents at risk of “third-hand” smoke
High levels of nicotine found in babies who sleep in the same room as parents who smoke

01 April 2011

Alternative medicine less effective than TLC for colic
Colicky babies do better with cuddles than complementary and alternative therapies, finds new study

29 March 2011

Nearly half of all UK babies develop colic, says study
Exclusively breastfed babies, as well as those fed by bottle, found to suffer from colic

15 February 2011

Baby’s risk of developing asthma raised by antibiotics?
Giving babies under 6 months antibiotics could increase their chances of developing asthma, says a new study

06 January 2011

Childhood asthma linked to paracetamol for babies
Asthma and allergies three times more likely for children who are given infant paracetamol

30 November 2010

BPA ban in Europe from 2011
EU bans BPA from babies’ bottles after health fears

26 November 2010

Meningitis and its routine vaccine
A vaccine currently only given to high risk children will soon be added to the general vaccination programme

08 November 2010

Dressing your baby in winter
Making sure your baby isn't too hot or cold is essential indoors and out.

02 November 2010

Babies get stressed if ignored
If left for two minutes, babies’ stress levels rise, says a new study

25 August 2010

Family Summer: Sun Care Tips
Here are 5 great tips about keeping your family's skin safe in the sun this summer

10 August 2010

Child Safety Week June 21-27 2010
Find out how to keep your little one safe, from first aid to safety in the home

22 June 2010

Safe swimming for babies
Some useful advice for protecting delicate skin from sun and sea.

14 June 2010

1 to 20 of 63 articles.
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