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Anti-allergenic bedding from Allersafe

Help protect your baby from allergies with this specially designed bedding.

Posted: 28 June 2007
by Monica Stylli

Allersafe Baby Bag
It is predicted that by 2010 1 in 3 children will suffer from an allergy. Bedding is thought to be one of the main causes for the rise in allergy sufferers as it harbours allergens such as dust mites. These live in mattresses, mattress covers, quilts and pillows and feed on dead skin flakes which are shed during sleep. The mites can trigger skin allergens leading to allergies such as asthma.

In response to the rising number of allergy cases Allersafe, the healthy sleep system for allergy sufferers, has launched a range of antiallergenic bedding especially for babies. The Night Night range includes baby sleeping bags, cellular blankets and fitted sheets for the pram and the cot. Each item is specially designed and contains an antibacterial and antifungal fibre called AmicorPure which ensures that dust mite cannot develop or survive.

If you are concerned about your child don’t forget to check out our guide to allergies and your baby.

Check out for more information or call freephone 0800 169 6685.

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