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Christmas: Family Safety

Top tips for keeping your home and family safe this Christmas

Posted: 23 December 2008
by ThinkBaby

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It's important at any time of the year to be aware of what is needed to childproof your home. Often at Christmas we are preoccupied with getting things done, we are busy chatting to visitors, the house is even noisier than usual with the bustle of partying guests, and it's easy to forget the simple day to day things that, as a new parent, you tend to do on autopilot on other days of the year.
You'd be amazed how many children get injuries such as burns even from the Christmas tree and its lights…

Children’s Safety Education Foundation tips
The CSEF has produced a quick check list that will help ensure that you and yours stay safe. You’re invited to use it as a tick list and to stick it on the fridge door for all to see:
Test your smoke alarm
Check your Christmas tree lights
Don’t overload electrical sockets
Decorate wisely
Burn candles safely
Extinguish cigarettes before going to bed
Make fire escape plans
Be accident aware
Use fireworks safely
Be prepared
Check on elderly relatives and neighbours

For more ideas and advice on fire safety, check out family fire safety.

Safety goes beyond the home
The CSEF also point out that road safety is a key factor as darkness falls earlier. There are more drunk drivers on the road, something which children won’t necessarily be aware of.
The Foundation recommends proper reflective clothing for children, plus they suggest that parents take time to go over the Green Cross Code with their children, as excited little ones often forget basic safety. (For example, if a child sees a visiting granny or cousin getting out of a car across the road they often forget their basic road skills, and want to rush across to greet them.)
Don't forget to update your knowledge of car seat law for young children, too.

For more information and useful tips, go to

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