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Nearly half of all UK babies develop colic, says study

Exclusively breastfed babies, as well as those fed by bottle, found to suffer from colic

Posted: 15 February 2011
by Cassandra Kempster-Roberts
Mum soothing crying baby
See your doctor about your baby's constant crying, to make sure it's colic and not a serious medical problem.

When it comes to colic, 40% of mums are sure their baby has suffered or is suffering from the condition, says a recent study.

Of the 1,003 UK mums who took part in the study, 26% said the most well known sign of colic was their baby curling his or her legs up to the stomach, and 23% said it was long periods of crying. 

According to the study, know as The Colic Report, 28% of babies develop colic while being exclusively breastfed.

Colic caused one in five of the mums to feel guilty they were doing something wrong, and 29% felt the crying lead to a lot of stress in their household.

When it came to easing colic, the most common approach was to use a special medicine (62%), while 32% said massage and 28% tried changing their baby’s feeding bottle. For colic advice, 47% of worried mums head to their health visitor for help, where as just 29% go to their own mum.

If your worried your baby’s crying could be colic, it’s important you talk to your doctor to rule out any other causes.

The Colic Report involved 1,003 mums with babies under 6 months. It was carried out by Consumer Analysis, on behalf of Central Medical Supplies, the parent company of anti-colic bottle brand Dr Brown’s.

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