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A baby costs £5000 before his first birthday

Parents shell out on buggies, cots and clothes before their baby’s even born!

Posted: 21 September 2010
by Kimberley Smith
A baby shows how much he costs
Babies - they don't come cheap!

We know having a baby is an expensive business and a new survey has confirmed revealing that parents will spend around £5000 before their tot turns one.

The 2,000 parents surveyed by BabyDam said most money went on preparing their baby’s nursery, while a pushchair, car seat and baby monitor bumped up the average spend before the baby was born.

Once their baby arrives, parents spend a further £3,800 on items such as nappies, clothes, food, books and toys before their child’s first birthday. Parents also admit spending far more on their first child and watching the purse strings more carefully with subsequent children.

With the excitement of a first baby, just over half of the parents were happy to accept hand-me-downs. This rose to over three quarters with the second child.

Unsurprisingly, the survey found that parents were most concerned with safety but they were also likely to spend money on items they thought would save them time and give them value for money.

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