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Childhood friends give birth to their sons on each other’s birthdays

The chances of what happened to Laura Pope and Sophie Bright are 133,225 to 1

Posted: 12 August 2011
by Amanda Pauley
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Sophie and Laura have beaten odds of 133,225 to 1 by giving birth to their sons on each other's birthday

A pair of old school friends have defied amazing odds and given birth to their baby boys on each other’s birthdays.

Laura Pope, 27, couldn’t believe it when she gave birth to her first child Charlie, on 14th February 2011, the birthday of her childhood friend Sophie Bright.

Sophie, 27, was just as astounded when she welcomed her second son Henry to the world on 27th July this year, which is the date of Laura’s birthday.

The odds of one person giving birth on a specific due date are 365 to 1, so best friends going into labour on each other’s birth dates is a staggering odd of 133,225 to 1.

Laura and Sophie have been inseparable since they were 11 years old, after being placed in the same class at secondary school.

They’ve worked three jobs together and even gone traveling with each other for a year, so it was a great surprise they fell pregnant around the same time. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail about the unusual situation Laura and her partner, Craig Eastoe, said: “It was lovely when it happened and we thought how nice it was. When it happened again we were amazed – it makes a brilliant anecdote to tell friends.

“The boys obviously have the same age difference as we do and will be in the same year at school. I really hope they will prove to be great friends for each other like Sophie has been to me.”

Sophie added: “We have been best friends for such a long time and I can’t wait to watch our sons grow up together.”

Having been in each other’s lives for such a long time, the friends are now excited for what their future holds. Laura said: “Now we are sharing a new chapter of our lives. I was even Sophie’s bridesmaid and now we are bringing up children together.”

Here at MFM HQ we think the odds of little Charlie and Henry being friends for life are 2/1.

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Aw wow that's amazing! My daughter was born the day after her grandma's birthday, just missed out by a few hours :)

Posted: 15/08/2011 at 15:06

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