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Real mothers: my baby inspired my work

When Jo Sinclair had her first child, she saw the need for good organic skincare products for babies - so she set up her own company!

Posted: 15 December 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

Jo Sinclair and family
Jo with her husband Neil and children Scarlett (4), Gabriel (10 months) and Tianna (2)
Recently on ThinkBaby, we have been raving about Little me organic bodycare products for babies and children.
We love the use of organic essential oils to give babies a totally natural skincare regime, and the way the company encourages a 'mother-and-baby special time' ehtos.
We also love that, unlike other perfectly lovely organic pampering products, the Little me range sells for high street prices, via Boots.
The company was the brainchild of Jo Sinclair and was inspired by the birth of her first child. At the time, she found there was a lack of good quality natural care products in the shops that were especially formulated for young children.
She set up the company with aromatherapy expert Glenda Taylor and is amazed by the increasing success of the business, despite the busy family life she now enjoys with THREE children at home!
We asked Jo Sinclair to share some of her experiences as a working mother, and to give us some insights into her life as a professional in this field.

What made you set up Little me?
'When I had Scarlett (my first child) I came to look at baby toiletries and realised they were really just the same as adult toiletries branded as "baby". I felt there was a gap for more specifically formulated and gentler formulations and I wanted to create a collection that was as natural as possible, that worked with my baby's moods, contained gentle formulations and that avoided synthetic fragrances.'

Have you been surprised by its success?
'Pleasantly so... the Boots tie-in has been key to this success... mums love the products not just for their babies but for themselves too!'

Why do you think organic ingredients are so important?
'As we know baby's skin is very delicate and vulnerable, so by using organic actives you do not over challenge it with too many chemicals (particularly pesticides that can be present in non-organic materials). Organic ingredients are also more potent so you can use less for the same efficacy.'

Jo Sinclair and Gabriel
Jo with Gabriel
How do you think the creams and oil can help add to the parent and baby experience of massage, bath time etc?
'The creams and oil have got delicate and unique aromas that really promote well-being and care. With sumptuous textures, they penetrate quickly and softly and can encourage a special bonding between parent and child.'

If a new mum wanted to get into using more natural products in this way, where would you suggest she start?
'She should start with the little me moisture babies line, which has been developed to be ultra gentle.'

What do your own children think of the products?
'My children love them and Scarlett even calls it her range! She is now four and loves seeing herself on the Little me website etc! Their favourites are the Moisture Babies and Sleepy Head collections.'

What's your personal favourite?
'Sleepy Head cream and Moisture Babies wash.'

What next for Little me ?
'This is a really exciting time for Little me as we are looking into a "mum to be" and "new mum" collection – we feel this is a natural extension for the Little me collection.'

To find out more about the company Jo has set up, go to the Little me website.

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