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Easy-to-spot signs of monthly fertility

Before you try charts and temperatures, there are easy signs that help show you are ovulating.

Posted: 2 April 2007
by ThinkBaby

It is understandable, when you want to start trying for a baby, to ask, When am I fertile? and there are lots of ways you can now gauge this through charting and understanding your menstrual cycle, but is it essential to buy an ovulation testing kit or to start getting out a pencil and paper?
If you have only just started trying for a baby or are about to, you may not want to go the whole hog and gauge fertile days so self-consciously for now. (Though if you have been trying for five or six months, now might be a good time to investigate these options to maximise your monthly efforts.) If for now you want to more casually gauge when the time is right each month, read on...

Check out that mucous Each month your body's discharges change as your cycle progresses. You will notice these when you go to the toilet. Many days during the month you might not notice this at all, but when you see a clear mucous that has looks a little springy, then you are are your most fertile.

The pain of ovulation Some women never notice this (although, if you are thinking of getting pregnant, you may have become more aware of your body), but when you ovulate there may be a twinging pain on one side of your lower body or the other. This is caused by the release of your egg during ovulation, and the pain may seem like a stitch for a few minutes, or a longer aching pain lasting half the day.

Don't just count the days Although it's true that you will tend to ovulate around the middle of your cycle, this isn't neccessarily 14 days in every person's case. Your cycle may not be the text book 28 days long, or external factors like stress might have shifted your timings. However, if you do look for the signs above, and you notice a regular pattern in these, then bear in mind that starting to try for a baby one or two days before your usual ovulation date can be a good idea to give those little swimming sperm time to reach their destination!

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I have just stopped breast feeding my last baby and i already want another! am i mad. My first child is now 10months old and we have been trying for just over two months. The last one was not planned and a lovely surprise but i feel like a complete novice this time around.

Since having my 1st i havn't had a period. Is it possible to get pregnant if i havn't had a period? Someone pls help me i feel lost!!!

Posted: 02/04/2007 at 22:48

Hi Natalie

our son is six months and already we have decided were stopping the pill in july time ready to try for number too.

i have just stopped breastfeeding harry and i havent had a period since november.

the answer is yes you catregorically can get pregnant this way, as i have been chatting to a lady on another thread and she has just found out she is.

your not crazy hun, its just motherhood is so fab we all want more lol.

we wanted to wait till harrys a year though cos i had an emergency section.

love kathy

Posted: 03/04/2007 at 13:29

hi natalie, you are not mad !i am on my fourth thats mad lol!!! seriously though my two boys were 17 months apart and are so close it is fab for them, now my daughter is 5 and is like a only child ah bless!she is so excited about having a baby brother but i so wish i'd had them close together as well everyone thought i was mad as i wanted another one days after she was born midwife blamed it on my hormones but the feeling never went away!!took 5 years to persuade my partner to have another one but here we are 21 weeks pregnant and can't wait he's more excited than me lol!!! i am already on about another as i don't want this one to be lonely like kimberley is but have to persuade him lol!!!!
anyway have fun trying and good luck go for ot girl! lol!!!! bye amanda x

Posted: 04/04/2007 at 13:47

thanks kathy and amanda. Its good to see that it's not just me who feels this way. Amanda, i felt just like you. Within days of giving birth to molly i was broody for another. it seemed so crazy and i did feel a little sorry for molly. I really wanted to have quality bonding time with her before we decided to go for another. But she is so amazing and wonderful that she has made us want more. I just hope it dosn't take too long. Congrats on your news. Sounds like you might have your hands full! But as i keep saying to my mates. Some people are born to have babies! We are special kind of peeps!
Thanks too kathy. It's good to know that all our efforts over the past few months have not been in vein! Trying to make babies is a lot of fun though. And all the more exciting knowing you might just be creating a lil bubs!! I hope your efforts go well.
The past two days i have had some sickness and some low stomach/period like pains. Hopefully that is a good sign! will keep you posted.
Bye Peeps NatXXX

Posted: 05/04/2007 at 22:28

natalie good luck you are lucky you have such a good baby! my first had colic for three months ! thought we'd never sleep again !!but we did and now at 11 he sleeps for england still in bed now lol!!!
your right to follow your heart and if it is the right time then why not !maybe you will even catch me up one day with four lol!! bye for now and fingers crossed for you amanda xxxxx

Posted: 06/04/2007 at 08:07

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