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5 tips to get your man in the baby-making mood
Fertility expert Zita West explains how to help your man and his mojo

01 June 2012

Charting: the how and why
From downloadable charts to recognising your fertile phase

07 June 2009

Your menstrual cycle & fertility
Understanding your menstrual cycle

04 May 2009

When am I fertile?
When you start trying for a baby it can almost be shock to realise that you can have sex and not get pregnant after all

17 March 2009

Understanding your menstrual cycle
Knowing your follicular from your luteal

19 February 2009

Your temperature and ovulation
Your body temperature rises after ovulation, but what can this mean for successful conception?

30 May 2007

Charting basics - recognising your fertile phase
Your fertile phase can fluctuate from cycle to cycle, but charting ovulation/fertility indicators will help you know when's what

06 May 2007

Easy-to-spot signs of monthly fertility
Before you try charts and temperatures, there are easy signs that help show you are ovulating.

02 April 2007

What is charting?
You may have heard other women talk about charting, but what is it and how can it help you conceive?

30 November 2006

Get your charts here
Downloadable temperature and cervical changes charts for ovulation charting

05 August 2005

There are 10 articles
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