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Book review: Toddler Gym

Peter Walker is a champion of baby massage, but that link between physical well being and fun can be taken into toddlerhood.

Posted: 23 June 2006
by Sarah Lawson

Toddler Gym by Peter Walker

Illustrated, step by step guide to encourage exercises, activities and games for movement, posture and balance, even in the very young
The pictures and design look a little dated but don't let that put you off
Features: Sections broken up into exercises for various parts of the body, plus guidelines for ages and stages of your child's development
Price: £9.99 RRP

Peter Walker is a real evangelist for baby massage and believes that it's important to keep the exercises going once a baby can sit up (and into early childhood).
These moves are a great way of bonding, encouraging physical exercise and nurturing healthy body growth.
Here spine, chest and shoulders are given some simple exercises, before moving on to legs, hips, neck and so on.
Walker suggests moves which are safe, easy and suit your child's needs, far beyond the usual 'rough and tumble' of playing in your lounge. The result nurtures a healthy outlook across the family.
For some moves you need a birthing ball (if you've still got one stashed in the attic!), but usually you just need a soft-ish landing mat for your child and you to roll around on.
Walker's simple instructions and introductions explaining the merits of each move will have you in the swing of things in no time.

The ThinkBaby verdict

A fun way to encourage good habits and better growth rather than raising couch potatoes
Usefulness: 3/5
Value: 4/5

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