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Review: Easy Peasy Bimble QD cloth nappy

A great nappy at a decent price

Posted: 25 August 2006
by Maria Muennich

Easy Peasy Bimble QD cloth nappies

happyface Great absorbency, very comfortable, easy to use and relatively quick-drying - makes an excellent night nappy
sadface The size 1 wasn't as trim as we personally like for daytime use in the first few months, though certainly good for the absorption offered - white Bimbles are available in a trimmer size 0
Features: Fleece-lined pouched nappy with flap-out booster to aid quick drying. Available in popper fastening or Nappi Nippa versions, in white, blue, lilac, pink, turquoise or lemon colours and in 3 sizes (coloured nappies only available in size one and two)
Price: £6.95 white, £7.50 coloured for poppered versions and £5.95 white, £6.75 coloured for Nappi Nippa versions
Contact: The Easy Peasy website
Easy Peasy Bimble QD Nappy

The Easy Peasy Bimble concept:
Bimble QD nappies are the little brother of the well-known Bumble. The Bimbles feature a similar fold-out booster flap and pouch (for quick-drying) and full fleece lining as the Bumbles, but come in three sizes rather than being a birth-to-potty nappy.

The nappies in action:

Ease of use
It's Easy Peasy by name and easy peasy by nature with the Bimbles. The foldable flap-out booster saves time and makes for better washing and quicker drying than a shaped nappy with the same absorbency built-in. Our test nappy was the poppered version which we had no problems fitting and adjusting as baby grew, and the full fleece lining means there's no need to fiddle with an extra layer of lining.

Comfort and fit of the Bimble nappy
The first thing to say about comfort and fit is that the Bimble is a fully fleece-lined nappy, including around the bindings, which means that it's luxuriously soft wherever the nappy meets the skin. The full lining also means that baby isn't exposed to parts of damp nappy, offering good comfort when the nappy needs to last longer, at night for example. So it's full points for comfort.

We had the poppered Bimble QD on test and had no problems at all getting a snug enough fit to avoid leakage of any kind from the early weeks onwards. If you're not a fan of poppers then there's also a (slightly cheaper) version of the nappy that fastens with Nappi Nippas which will give you more scope to adjust the fit of the nappy. The bindings around the legs and waist are nice and fleecy soft and have never left any uncomfortable-looking red marks.

The Bimble is designed to give a trim fit and Easy Peasy say that the size 0 Bimble (available only in white) is to be used with trim fitting wraps of the kind usually meant for prefolds, and can later be used to stuff a pocket nappy or boost a Bumble. Unfortunately our test nappy was a size one coloured nappy, so we can't vouch for the trimness of the size 0. As for our test nappy, it's certainly not the bulkiest of nappies of its kind and absorbency, but we found it a little bigger than we like for daytime use in the first few months (payoff being it will fit longer than a size 0).

Washing and drying the nappies
The Bimble scored very well when it came to washing and drying. The foldout booster flap helps with a more thorough wash and also cuts down on drying time, which we found to be pretty good for such an absorbent nappy. In terms of durability the nappy always comes out looking as good as new, and we've found that it's not a nappy that stains easily - another bonus.

Bimble QD nappies' absorbency and pooh containment
The Bimble does offer very good absorbency. You can fold the booster flap to best suit your baby before popping it inside the pouch and it's very quick and simple to boost the performance of the nappy by putting another booster of your own choosing into the pouch if you have a heavy wetter (Easy Peasy make a booster designed for this purpose).

Along with the full lining of the nappy, the good absorbency makes it one of our favourites for night use, and it's easily gone 10 hours without a change. We haven't been lucky enough to need it to go for twelve yet, but we're sure it would without problem. If you do need to boost the Bimble then it's very easy to insert your chosen reinforcement into the nappy pouch. As for pooh containment the Bimble has also been stellar - not a single incidence of any leakage.

And why's the full fleece lining so good? Well, with many other nappies of a similar absorbency but without a full lining, we've found that by morning time substantial edges of the nappy are wet next to baby's skin, something that doesn't happen with the Bimble.

The ThinkBaby verdict

We really like this very absorbent and comfortable nappy. It's good value, reliable and is available in a nice range of colours
Comfort and fit: 45 review3stars
Absorbency/containment: 5/5 review5stars
Usability: 4/5 review4stars
Value: 4/5 review4stars

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Easy Peasy Bimble QD cloth nappy

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