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Review: In the Womb DVD

Channel 4 and National Geographic Channel's amazing film of life in the womb, is now out on DVD.

Posted: 27 July 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

In the Womb

Incredible insights can be gained from this powerful exploration of life in the womb
Perhaps not for the overly squeamish!
Features: Computer-generated imaging and state-of-the-art scanning shows the progress of a fetus from conception to birth, week-by-week guides offer detailed insights
Price: £15.99 plus £2 p+p
Contact: Rocket Rights

in the womb DVD

If you ever wondered what is going on inside you when you are pregnant, this is essential viewing. It's not sentimental (despite the subtitle: 'life's precious first journey') but instead is a movingly beautiful and incredibly interesting account of the process from sperm and egg to fetus to newborn baby.
Using computer-generated imaging to create an incredibly life-like fetus as it grows, the DVD follows the gradual development of a baby. This is intercut with footage from hospital appointments and the latest 3D and 4D scans, to see what real fetuses look like as they grow.
The female narration is gentle but informative, helping you to understand what is going on inside you and why that affects everything from morning sickness and the need to eat more, to restless nights feeling over heated.

The DVD follows a pregnancy week by week, so you can skip to later weeks if you are already past your first few months.
The only hesitation I would have in recommending it for everyone, however, is that this week by week detail brings home to you not only how amazing the creation of a baby is, but also how fragile it can be. The DVD is always positive and celebratory - even when it is showing how breakthrough surgery now overcomes one of the most serious fetal conditions - but when you realise how each part of the fetus grows, you might feel an even greater responsibility for what you're carrying around. Instead, try to take comfort and reassurance from the incredible insights that doctors can gain from this latest technology.
The DVD takes you right up to the birth - a final chapter that those of you who are still pregnant might choose to skip for now! It's not too gruesome, but the reality of a baby's head popping out into the world is, let's face it, never the stuff of a holiday postcard!
Still, as someone who's been through this amazing experience twice, I have to admit I couldn't help crying when I got to that bit!

The ThinkBaby verdict

An invaluable and insightful view of your pregnancy and of your baby
Usefulness: 5/5
Viewing: 5/5
Value: 5/5

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