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Review: My First Nursery Rhymes boardbook

A lovely, colourful first book of rhymes to share with babies and toddlers.

Posted: 24 March 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

My First Rhymes illustrated by Kate Merritt

Bright, shiny boardbook to enjoy sharing early nursery rhymes, suitable from nine months
Not much to moan about!
Price: £5.99
Contact: Ladybird Books

Along with 'My First Words' and 'My First Animal Numbers', this is a great book to share with children from a very early age. Once babies can sit up, you can turn the pages and let them paw at the chunky boardbook pages and bright colours.

It sounds silly, but it's easy to forget the nursery rhymes you enjoyed as a child so this is a useful prompt. Sharing books at the earliest stage encourages a culture of enjoying books that children will take with them into toddlerdom.

At first your child will just enjoy you reading the nursery rhymes to her, but as she gets older, you can talk about the pictures, ask her to point out the animals or make the animal noises and refer to the images with references to colours: 'Jill's spotty red dress,' or, 'The black and white cow jumping over the yellow moon.'

There are lots of great first board books and soft fabric books out there and this Ladybird series is a strong addition to the selection.

The ThinkBaby verdict

Chunky, fun and a lovely book to share in the day or at bedtime.
Quality: 5/5
Illustrations: 4/5

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Do you have a favourite book you share with your baby or toddler?

Posted: 23/03/2006 at 16:54

stephen has lovs the gruffalo and the gruffalo's child, and the range of books by giles andreae, which includes rumble in the jungle, giraffes can't dance, and commotion in the ocean, all have large colourful pictures and adults and children se3em to enjoy them.

Posted: 25/03/2006 at 14:36

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