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Review: Potty Training in One Week

Gina Ford's firm but fair parenting tips turn their attention to getting your child out of his nappies.

Posted: 30 June 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

Potty Training in One Week by Gina Ford

Channelling all the common sense about potty training into one bite-size book
Despite the 'one week' claim, it doesn't mean your child's ready for it instantly
Features: Easy to follow, short chapters, case studies plus examples and tips
Price: £5.99 RRP
Contact: Vermillion at Random House

In her first publication, 'The Contented Little Baby Book', experienced nanny Gina Ford laid down many straight guidelines about sleeping, feeding etc. These have gained her a reputation as a strict disciplinarian, but when you take one area like this, the common sense behind what she is saying comes through much better and makes for a less daunting read for new parents.

The content
There are a series of little books which pull out her themes and all of them are, like this, a handy little CD-box-sized affair.
However, despite the claims of the title, you quickly realise that one of Gina Ford's key tips is to wait until your child is good and ready to potty train. That is, you can do it one week, but only once your child is half-way there in terms of dressing himself, being poo- and wee-aware and so on.
Although this feels a bit of a 'con' if you've bought this book expecting miracles, it is very sound advice. Why would you want to spend months of 'accidents' and upset if you can lay the ground ready for your child to cross over from nappies in one week?
Additionally, you do notice that in some cases, the night-nappies stayed on for much longer - so don't get paranoid if it took your child longer than seven days to master bladder control!

Useful advice
This is a short and sweet little book and probably a good read in preparation for the crossover, whether it takes you a week, a month or three months.
Just remember not to get those plush new sofa covers fitted until you're well into the knickers 'n' pants years!

The ThinkBaby verdict

A good starting-point with tips and ideas, ahead of potty training with any child, though not a magic wand in itself
Usefulness: 4/5
Readability: 4/5
Value: 4/5

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