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Review: The First Years' Dreams-in-Sight mobile

The First Years' new Nature Sensations range for babies includes this moving, musical mobile with gentle light projections.

Posted: 23 March 2006
by Sarah Lawson

First Years Dreams-in-Sight mobile

Whizzbang mobile with soft toys, a moving canopy, and music and light stimulation
There's so much to it that it does take a while to put together
Features: Plays four different musical selections, has remote control option, music box can be used for older babies, coloured lights and nighttime projections
Price: RRP £44.99
Contact: The First Years

The concept:
During daytime rests or at nighttime, the Dreams-In-Sight mobile is a three-in-one experience. The brightly coloured animals are a visual treat while the gentle coloured light projections fill the room with a soft and reassuring glow and the musical themes help to lullaby your baby to sleep.

In action:
This mobile is certainly in the luxury range when it comes to hanging something cute and diverting over your child's bed, but it is large which can be a bit overwhelming for some babies.

It needs three AAA batteries and four D batteries as it turns and plays and lights up. But once you've set it up, it takes care of itself and is sturdily made.

We loved the bright but easy colours and the chunky music box element that older children can use on their own - handy if you're worried that the mobile will become redundant once your child can sit up and grab the dangling bits. The music options are selected on the Moon, Star, Leaf and Swirl buttons and can be adjusted in volume which is great, as during the night things sound far louder! The music's quite soothing and not too twee, which we approved of.

The music, the rotating canopy and the light projector all switch off automatically after ten minutes but you can switch them on again by remote control, which is useful when you're trying to get your baby off to sleep without walking right up to her cot.

We also liked the fact that you can machine wash the little cuddly animals as these kind of toys are sometimes 'surface wash only' which is no good once older babies get start sucking them! The mobile's also useful as something to distract your baby with when changing her or trying to cheer her up!

The ThinkBaby verdict

A good gift to add to the baby shower wishlist!
Quality: 5/5
Value: 3/5

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