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Baby survives after doctors predict stillbirth

Mum was told he had died in the womb

Posted: 4 July 2012
by Sophie Westnedge
Baby Cohan pulled through against the odds

A baby doctors said would be stillborn is doing well after spending time in intensive care.

Alex Jones, 21, was six months pregnant when her waters suddenly broke at home, reports the Mirror.

“I was only 24 weeks pregnant and kept thinking, ‘My baby can’t be born yet’”, said Alex.

“Then, just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse the doctors told me they couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat.”

Alex spent the 9 hours she was in labour planning a funeral for the baby she thought would be stillborn, but just seconds after Cohan’s arrival, midwives found he was breathing and wiggling his toes.

“He is the baby that came back from the dead,” Alex said.

“It was the most amazing thing – I was told my baby had died and to prepare myself for a stillborn delivery,” she added.

“It is a complete miracle my baby is here today. I really thought I was going to be organizing his funeral when he was born.”

“When I was in labour, me and my mum were talking about plots and where we were going to bury him.”

“When he came out and breathed and wiggled his toes it was surreal,” she explained.

Cohan was cared for in an incubator, and Alex could not hold him for the first 11 days. Cohan’s heartbeat had to be monitored in intensive care for five months, and he was fed through a drip.

“I was so scared he might die – part of me was afraid to love him because I thought I might lose him all over again,” Alex said. “Even the doctors and nurses were calling him a miracle baby.”

Cohan’s recovery was so miraculous that after he passed the 100-day-old mark the nurses threw him a party to celebrate.

“He’s still tiny, but he’s such a little fighter,” Alex said. “When I hold him in my arms now I can’t imagine my life without him.”

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