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Lesbian couple become pregnant by same sperm donor at same time

Lesbian couple give birth to half brother and sister five days apart

Posted: 15 February 2012
by Anna Lewis
Half brother and sister Alfie and Scarlett Marie were born just five days apart
Half brother and sister Alfie and Scarlett Marie were born just five days apart

Lesbian couple Kirsty Cox and Anna Jones have both become mums after a DIY artificial insemination from the same sperm donor.

“We have two beautiful babies and we’re a really happy family,” Anna said.

Kirsty and Anna, who married in 2010, were both desperate to become mums but couldn’t afford the expense of IVF.

“We could have applied to the NHS but that meant only one of us could have it, and we both really wanted to have the experience of giving birth,” Anna, 27, explained.

The couple’s negative experience of IVF was recently mirrored by comedienne Dawn French, who recently blasted IVF restrictions.

Deciding they couldn’t afford IVF, the pair began to look at the alternatives.

“That’s when the topic of sperm-donation came up,” Anna said. “We knew it might take a while to find the right person, but we were prepared to wait.”

But they didn’t have to wait long.

Soon after telling their families that they were looking for a donor, Anna’s sister Lorraine got chatting to her hairdresser Nick about her sister’s desire to start a family with Kirsty.

The pair met up with Nick on a number of occasions and all three decided that he should be the one to donate. They set up weekly meetings and agreed to keep trying until one of them got pregnant.

The couple expected it to take a year, “if it even happened at all.”

“Especially the way we did it, we thought it would take forever,” Anna explained.

But just three weeks after the first attempt, Kirsty, 23, became pregnant, and two weeks later Anna announced that she was expecting too.

In November last year, Kirsty gave birth to Scarlett Marie, shortly followed by Anna’s baby Alfie who was born five days later.

“We’ve been blessed with a family and we can’t thank Nick enough for what he has done and what he has given us,” Anna said.

Nick sees the children once a week but “doesn’t see himself as their dad.”

“I adore the babies and I intend to be a part of their lives forever,” he said.

“I never imagined I’d have a child, and I never knew I’d have so much love for them.”

An amazing coincidence, but these two aren't the only women who've gone to extraordinary lengths to become mums.

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