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Teething baby uses head of poisonous snake as a chew toy

One year old shocks mum by biting off head of deadly snake

Posted: 1 February 2012
by Kimberley Smith
Not the best teething toy

A 13-month-old has had a narrow escape, after his mum found him happily chewing on the head of a 30cm long snake.

“I was making his milk and I looked over and saw he had a snake in his mouth,” said Imad Aleeyan’s mum, Ghadir. “I started to scream. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

The family live in north Israel and Imad was taken to hospital to be checked out after a neighbour pulled the reptile out of his mouth and killed it.

“Doctors at the hospital told us the snake was really poisonous but that we were very lucky because they release less venom in the winter,” Ghadir said.

However, experts have suggested the snake was actually a non-venomous coin-marked snake and a very young specimen. We’re not sure we’d like to risk it though!

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