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Tiny 1lb10oz baby survives against all odds

Baby born four months premature is making a surprising recovery

Posted: 21 May 2012
by Sophie Westnedge
Tiny baby
Baby Faith is doing well after being born four months early

A baby who was born weighing just 1lb 10oz has beaten the odds to survive.

Faith Rebecca Langston, who was born March, has survived despite being born four months premature, reports The Daily Mail.

Parents Vikki and John Paul Langston welcomed their daughter following a breach birth.

“When she came out we didn’t even see her, they took her straight to a machine in the corner,” John said.

“We didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl at this point, but then one of the doctors turned around and said ‘She’s a little fighter,’” he said.

“That’s when we knew she was a girl. You have the elation of finding out you have a daughter, but it was drowned out by all the doctors and nurses trying to save her. A rollercoaster of emotions,” John said.

Vikki and John have been visiting Faith in the Neonatal ward at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital where she is being cared for in an incubator.

“We were told that the first couple of days would be a honeymoon period and that everything would go well, and it did. The first two days were brilliant,” he said.

On the third day events took a turn for the worst and Faith had to have one of her lungs inflated by doctors and her body temperature started to fall.

“We found it very hard and Vikki just broke down,” said John.

“It’s hard when the stuff you’re told if going to happen actually happens. You feel different to how you think your going to feel,” he said.

After having four blood transfusions, antibiotics, antifungals, and ibuprofen to try and close a valve in her heart, baby Faith improved and has grown from 1lb 10oz to 2lbs 7oz in the past few weeks.

Faith isn’t the only tiny baby to make surprisingly good progress after a difficult start to life.

Vikki and John, who have said they are living “day by day”, have been told that Faith will be unlikely to be able to go home until after her original due date in July.

The couple have received a great amount of support via their Facebook page “Faith for Faith”, through which they provide updates and pictures of Faith’s progress.

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