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Woman gives birth in a coma

New mum wakes up to find she has a baby daughter

Posted: 4 July 2012
by Sophie Westnedge
Pregnant belly
Emma doesn't remember giving birth to her daughter

A mum has given birth naturally while unconscious in hospital, reports the Daily Mail.

Emma Mynors, from Essex, fell into a coma after developing pneumonia and, while unconscious, gave birth to her daughter Amy. 

Emma went into labour prematurely at 29 weeks and nurses only realised when they examined her and saw the baby’s head emerging.

“When I woke from my coma, the nurses kept showing me photographs of this baby girl, and I had no idea who she was,” Emma said.

“They told me she was my daughter and I didn’t believe them. I had no recollection of being pregnant. I knew I had a husband and a son, but I had no idea about being pregnant again,” she said.

“It seemed incredible to think that I had given birth naturally whilst I was still in a coma,” Emma said.

“I hadn’t consciously pushed or experienced a single contraction, yet my little girl was here and she was healthy. It just seemed like a miracle.”

The 23-year-old and her husband Dean, were told at her 20 week scan that they were expecting a girl, but just a few weeks after the scan Emma developed a cough and cold and was struggling to catch her breath.

“I thought it must have been an infection I had picked up from my son Conrad, who is three,” she said.

“But, as the day progressed I started to feel worse and my breathing was getting more and more shallow, so my husband called an ambulance to take me to hospital for a check up.”

“I was only 29 weeks pregnant, so I wanted to check that everything was ok with myself and the baby.”

Doctors diagnosed Emma with pneumonia and, after suffering two strokes, she fell into a coma for four weeks.

“It’s amazing to think how Amy came into the world. Even when I was unconscious, my body knew what to do. I’d love to be able to remember giving birth to her, but I’m just grateful we are both alive and healthy now.”

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