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Mums-to-be expect to lose their baby weight within six weeks

Unrealistic post-baby weight loss expectations blamed on celebrities as most new mums admit shifting pregnancy pounds is harder than they expected

Posted: 31 May 2011
by Kimberley Smith
Rachel Stevens
Rachel Stevens is just one celeb mum who's "snapped back" into shape in record time

Celebrity new mums have given pregnant women an unrealistic idea of post-baby weight loss, according to a new survey. A poll of 1,421 mums who had given birth in the past six months found that  84% wanted to lose their baby weight but 51% admitted they had not yet begun to shift the pregnancy pounds.

Celebrities such as Denise Van Outen, Rachel Stevens and Miranda Kerr have been blamed for giving an unrealistic view of post baby weight loss by snapping back into shape in just a few weeks.

Nearly a quarter of the mums polled admitted that during pregnancy they assumed they would get back into shape within six weeks. A further 29% thought they would take merely four weeks and a very ambitious 9% thought they could do it in just two!

The pressure on mums to return to their pre-baby weight soon after giving birth has increased as celebrity mums appear to have no problem losing the pounds.

But most of us don’t have an army of nutritionists, chefs and exercise gurus to put us through our paces! More than a third of mums agreed that they felt under pressure to slim down after birth, but a reassuring 48% had a more realistic idea of what is achievable.

The best advice to is to stay active during pregnancy, so you don’t gain too much weight, which is then more difficult to lose. Then, start slow. Getting back into an exercise routine with a new baby can be hard, so something as simple as walking is great to get the ball rolling and you can even involve your baby in your workout!

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