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Women spend a year planning before trying to conceive
And they want £5000 in the bank before starting a family

01 November 2011

Young women don’t know how to make a baby
Fertility confusion among UK women of childbearing age revealed by survey

25 March 2011

Why you should take folic acid if you're trying to conceive
It's important to make sure your baby is protected right from day one of your pregnancy

17 March 2011

Waiting until 30 to have a baby becoming the norm
Pregnancy rates among teens and younger women fall as more of us choose to wait to start a family

23 February 2011

Don’t leave it too late to have babies, doctors stress
Couples reminded that fertility levels drop sharply as you reach your mid 30s and that IVF is not a guarantee

28 January 2011

New vitamin D advice when planning a pregnancy
Scottish mums told to take vitamin D supplements before conception and during pregnancy due to lack of sunshine

18 January 2011

Trying again after miscarriage
Many couples suffer the loss of miscarriage but go on to have wonderful families. But how soon can you try again after you have miscarried? And what other things should you consider?

18 December 2010

Can I get pregnant while on the pill?
Yes, you can, the pill isn't 100% safe...

06 November 2010

Freeze your ovaries while young, women told
Teenagers should consider freezing parts of their ovaries to improve their chances of conceiving in their 30s and 40s, according to US doctor

28 October 2010

What you eat before you’re pregnant may help your baby
Study suggests eating your greens before your even conceive can help your baby

06 October 2010

First baby takes five months and two weeks to conceive
Majority of women conceive within the first year of trying and half embark on lifestyle changes to help them get pregnant

22 September 2010

Why risk of Down’s increases with mum’s age
As women grow older, their fertility declines due to a lack of a crucial protein, scientists say

03 September 2010

Conception checklist
Preparing to Try To Conceive (TTC)? Getting pregnant tips and what to expect when trying for a baby

28 July 2010

Number of mums over 40 trebles
Over the past two decades, the number of mums aged 40 and up has tripled

26 May 2010

How does the pill affect fertility?
And how long will it take for normal cycles to resume?

18 May 2010

Smoking and conception
Don't wait until you're pregnant to give up smoking - quitting can improve the chances of conception for women and men. Here's how it affects conception, and ways to quit.

29 April 2010

Men - is your body ready to make a baby?
When trying to conceive, much of the attention is the woman, but your health and fertility is half of the conception equation. Here's what you should know as a would-be dad...

29 April 2010

Get fit to help yourself conceive
Why you should exercise and get yourself in shape before pregnancy, and how

29 April 2010

Soya and conception
Although soya beans are certainly one of the superfoods that are good to eat, overdoing them could present a problem when trying for a baby

25 January 2010

Coming off the pill
How long do I need to leave before trying to conceive after coming off the pill?

28 December 2009

1 to 20 of 41 articles.
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