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Foresight: preconception essentials

Foresight have been working with parents on pre-conceptual health and wellbeing for years in order to improve pregnancy outcomes.

Posted: 20 June 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

If you are already aware of the importance of eating the right things and looking after yourselves ahead of pregnancy, then you're half-way there.
However, whilst some people believe assisted conception is the only option they have if they are concerned about conceiving, or the health of their potential baby, it's good to discover that there are more organic ways in which to enhance the chances of pregnancy and the healthy outcome of those special nine months.

Foresight is a registered charity which has done a lot of work looking into links between the health of parents and their chances of getting pregnant, plus how this affects the health of the unborn baby and the newborn child. Foresight is subtitled the 'Association for the Promotion of Preconceptual Care'.

Research has been done into the optimum diet and nutritional state of prospective parents' bodies. How existing problems - from diseases which affect fertility, to the body's ability to handle nutrients - have been overcome for improve the chances of conception, and how to address the general lifestyles of those would-be parents. Foresight are a non-profit organisation who do incredible analysis of hair samples from would-be parents to gauge their ability to conceive. Whilst their methods and reliability have been questioned in some quarters, they are well-respected in the field of pre-conception nutrition and well-being.

Check out the Foresight website for more about their work and their fascinating findings.

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