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Male contraceptive does not harm fertility

Researchers believe that the male 'hormonal' contraceptive does not cause long-term infertility.

Posted: 2 May 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

A study has been welcomed, which concludes that men who take hormonal contraception (which prevents sperm production) do not suffer long-term infertility.

There had been concern that men using hormonal contraception might not be able to return to full sperm production afterwards. These contraceptive treatments are given by injection or implant.

The American research suggests that a man having contraceptive treatment for a year could find his fertility sperm level restored in less than five months. (Often women who have used contraception find they need some time off treatment before they are able to conceive.)

It also suggests that being older, having higher sperm concentrations before contraceptive treatment began, and being on treatment for less time, can all contribute to a swifter return to fertility.

This news will advance the cause for introducing new forms of male contraception, beyond the use of condoms or vasectomy.

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Would you be happy to try a male contraceptive or do you think the risk to fertility is too great?

Posted: 28/04/2006 at 17:25

Im not sure as because me and my partnr dont think we will have anymore we would probably try it but because we are still quite young i wouldnt want to take the risk incase i ever wanted more.
I think if it was proven that it doesnt harm the fertility of a man then yes by all means we would try it but if it did effect it i think i would rather not take the risk and just go with a woman contraceptive.
If you dont mind me asking though, why you ask?

Posted: 21/01/2007 at 12:16

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