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New vitamin D advice when planning a pregnancy

Scottish mums told to take vitamin D supplements before conception and during pregnancy due to lack of sunshine

Posted: 18 January 2011
by Kimberley Smith
vitamin d advice when planning a pregnancy
Vitamin D could be as important as folic acid in areas where there is little sun

The Scottish government is soon to announce new vitamin D recommendations for women planning a pregnancy, according to BBC Scotland.

Women will be advised to take vitamin D supplements when they start trying to conceive, as many in Scotland are thought to be deficient in this key nutrient. Experts recommend taking vitamin D alongside the well-known pre-conception and early pregnancy supplement, folic acid.

So why Scotland? It appears experts are concerned that there's not enough sunlight in Scotland. Exposure to the sun is vital for our bodies to create vitamin D. Sunlight accounts for 90 per cent of most people’s vitamin D intake, although milk and dairy products are also a source.

There are fears that in Northern countries, a lack of sunshine has led to deficiencies in the “sunshine vitamin” in local populations.

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