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Persona Contraception Monitor

If you're looking for more natural methods of contraception (especially ahead of conception), this test could be for you.

Posted: 26 September 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

If you are looking for an alternative to the pill whilst you are preparing your body for pregnancy, you might want to try something like the Persona Contraception Monitor.

Persona Contraception Monitor

Designed to help women gauge when, during their cycle, they have 'safe days' during which to have unprotected sex, it can also therefore tell you days when having unprotected sex is more likely to get you pregnant, which is useful when you do want to conceive.

Made by Unipath, it is best suited to women who have a cycle between 23 and 35 days in length and it works by monitoring the hormone levels in your urine.

Many women who are thinking of having children prefer to come off the pill some time before they start trying to conceive, so they can 'clear their system'. Sometimes you don't need to leave any gap between taking the pill and trying to get pregnant, but every person is different and experiences vary greatly.

We originally spotted this test on the website. They specialise in tests for various personal needs including a range of fertility and pregnancy kits which you can order direct, without having to go to a chemist.

Test In Private are currently offering a 15% discount to all ThinkBaby members - all you have to do to claim is enter the code '722441' in the coupon box which can be found on any page of the Test In Private website.

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