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What you eat before you’re pregnant may help your baby

Study suggests eating your greens before your even conceive can help your baby

Posted: 6 October 2010
by Liz Stansfield

Eating lots of fruit and vegetables in the months before conception gives your baby a better chance having a healthy birth weight, experts say.

The study asked 3,500 women detailed questions about their diet and lifestyle before conception. Researchers then measured the babies born to the mums, with 376 babies classed as small for their gestational age at birth.

Experts reckon they’ve found a link between the amount of leafy green vegetables eaten before conception and healthy birth weights of babies.

In fact, they suggest mums who eat three or more serving of leafy vegetables every day in the months before conception have a 50% less chance of delivering a small baby.

If you’re worried about what to eat when trying to conceive, check out our fertility boosting food ideas.

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