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Young women don’t know how to make a baby

Fertility confusion among UK women of childbearing age revealed by survey

Posted: 25 March 2011
by Cerys Edwards
young women want to make a baby
So, this sex thing then...

Women in the UK of childbearing age are less clued up about baby making than you might think, a survey has revealed. Common fertility myths include a third of women thinking you cannot get pregnant on your period but nearly half thinking this is when you’re most fertile!

The survey asked women what they thought they could do to increase or decrease their chances of falling pregnant. Out of nearly 1,800 women polled by Fertility Flower, 39% thought that having a wee after sex would reduce the chances of conception while 64% thought that if they and their partner both have an orgasm, they were more likely to get pregnant.

Over half of the women polled thought that raising your legs after having sex could increase the chances of getting pregnant, while a further 36% thought that eating certain foods would help.

While some positions are thought to aid conception, many of the other beliefs held by these women aren’t on the money.

“I have come across many of these questions before, so it’s not surprising that there is a lot of confusion,” explained Kimberly Ann Racic, from Fertility Flower. “For example, the issue of conceiving whilst on a period is a common one. Pregnancy is a possibility in cases in which women ovulate very early in their cycle. Since their normal fertility symptoms are masked by a period, they are unaware of the fact that they are at their peak fertility.”

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