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Fussy baby will only eat to PSY techno tune - VIDEO

Cheeky chap chows down happily to 'Gangnam Style' song

This hilarious video has gone viral on YouTube, with more than 1 million views since it was uploaded.

Baby Benjamin will only eat when he's watching the video to the popular techno tune "Gangnam Style" by South Korean rapper PSY.

The moment the video stops playing, Benjamin throws a tantrum and when ...  Continue reading

Star Wars theme soothes crying baby - VIDEO

Super-cute baby loves Star Wars theme tune as lullaby

Are you struggling to get your baby to stop crying? Why not try a lullaby, or like this funny clip, try the Star Wars theme tune? It works on this little nipper, who seems as if he's a massive fan of the soundtrack, he stops crying as soon as it plays.

Here ...  Continue reading

Cheeky tot gets crowds cheering - VIDEO

Adorable nipper causes a stir in hilarious YouTube video clip

We couldn't stop giggling at this cute tot! You'll love the crowd's reaction when he raises his hands.

This cheeky chap's video has had over 2,440,000 views on YouTube already.

Now that's what we call perfect timing!

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Super cute twins rock out to dads guitar - VIDEO

Adorable identical twins just can't help but bop along to the music

You won't want to miss this cute pair of identical twins. We just can't stop watching their cute faces as they bop along to their dad's guitar playing, while still snacking on their peas.

This video appeared on YouTube only a few days ago and has already had over 390,000 views.

Check ...  Continue reading

Funny video of baby giggling at pet cat

Cat snacking makes this cute baby laugh

Here at TB HQ we just loved this little one giggling at her cat being fed! This hilarious clip has been viewed on YouTube around 246,459 times, so it seems as if we aren't the only ones who like it!

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Hilarious clip of Jedi baby

This tot is loving her toy lightsaber

We just can't get over this little one's reaction when playing with her lightsaber toy. She even takes on daddy in a lightsaber battle!

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Funny video of twins laughing at sneezes

This cute pair are a YouTube hit with their infectious laughter

We couldn't stop laughing at these two little cuties. This video shows four-month-old boy and girl twins laughing hysterically at their mums fake sneeze noises.

If this video made you smile then you'll love this little guy.

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Liverpool footballer’s baby joy after heartache

Brad Jones and his wife welcome a baby boy after losing their son to leukemia

Liverpool goalkeeper Brad Jones has welcomed the birth of a baby boy Nico after his six-year-old son Luca died from a rare form of leukemia, reports the Mirror.

Brad and wife Dani now have something positive to focus on after losing their son Luca to acute myeloid leukemia just 5 months earlier.

Luca ...  Continue reading

Mum gives birth to twins in two different countries

New mum has an English son and Scottish daughter

A woman has given birth to twins on the same day who have different nationalities, reports the Daily Mail.

Baby Dylan is English and his sister Hannah is Scottish, after they were born on different sides of the English and Scottish boarder.

Donna Keenan, 28, went into labour prematurely at home in Northumberland ...  Continue reading

Woman gives birth in a coma

New mum wakes up to find she has a baby daughter

A mum has given birth naturally while unconscious in hospital, reports the Daily Mail.

Emma Mynors, from Essex, fell into a coma after developing pneumonia and, while unconscious, gave birth to her daughter Amy. 

Emma went into labour prematurely at 29 weeks and nurses only realised when they examined her and saw the baby’s ...  Continue reading

1 to 10 of 48 blog posts.
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