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Labour is longer for modern mums

Giving birth takes two and a half hours longer today than it did 50 years ago, a study reveals

If your mum thought giving birth in the Sixties was bad, tell her to count her lucky stars she didn’t have to do it today.

A study of 150,000 women has found that the average labour today can last two and a half hours longer than it did 50 years ago.

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Hilarious clip of baby's first grapefruit juice

Ten-month-old's first taste of the sour fruit sends her head over heals

We're assured that 10-month-old Penny really loves the stuff, but judging by her face in this clip, we're not sure she's really that keen on grapefruit juice. Even better than this little chap's first taste of a similarly sour fruit, Penny is so shocked by the new taste she falls ...  Continue reading

Toddler sings Adele - nearly word perfect!

Two-year-old Makena shows she's got star potential, belting out a tune by popstress Adele

Gosh we've just fallen in love with this little tot who's giving Adele a run for her money. Two-year-old Makena seems to know most of the words to Adele's hit Someone Like You, and already has plenty of presence in front of the camera.

We'll be keeping an eye out for her ...  Continue reading

Baby girl breaks 150 year family tradition

A family’s long running trend of bearing sons has finally been broken by the birth of a baby girl

Poppy Craddock, who was born earlier this month, is the first girl to be born into the Craddock family for almost 150 years.

The long-running trend of sons was broken when Poppy’s parents Simon and Mali Craddock discovered they were expecting a girl.

The last female born into Simon’s ...  Continue reading

A whole pregnancy in 90 seconds

Amazing timelapse video shows one couple's journey from the positive test to birth

We can't get over how amazing this video is. Not only does it show how Amelie Amaya grows from a tiny bump to a baby, it also shoes everything that happens in the background - even her parents moving house!

Definitely and idea for your next pregnancy!

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How to resuscitate a baby or young child with CPR

Red Cross releases video to teach vital life saving skills to encourage parents to learn CPR for babies and children

A shocking 81% of parents don't know how to give basic first aid to their babies or children, according to a new survey. Parents lack confidence so much that half admitted they would be afraid to try CPR in case they did something wrong.

The study, by Tesco Baby & Toddler Club, ...  Continue reading

Someone's a little sleepy! (cute clip)

Adorable little baby keeps not quite dozing off - someone find his bed!

Bet this one looks familiar! This little chap just can't keep his eyes open. We can't believe he kept dozing off for two whole minutes without finding a comfy place to lay his head...

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One dad's hilarious take on his daughter's babbling (cute video)

Dad translates as his 12-month-old baby girl gives her first rousing speach

Is this tot the next Margaret Thatcher? She certainly seems at home making important speaches! The translation is provided below by her proud daddy - and she really seems to be making perfect sense.

We've got this one tipped for greatness!

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UK’s heaviest ever baby girl delivered naturally in just 44 minutes

Mum puts her baby’s incredible weight down to eating too much fish during pregnancy

The UK’s heaviest baby girl is already wearing clothes for 6-month-olds despite being born just three weeks ago.

Tipping the scales at 12lb 12oz at birth, Suzie Gzowski was born naturally in just 44 minutes and was almost double the weight of an average newborn.

So what’s behind this not so little bundle ...  Continue reading

Lesbian couple become pregnant by same sperm donor at same time

Lesbian couple give birth to half brother and sister five days apart

Lesbian couple Kirsty Cox and Anna Jones have both become mums after a DIY artificial insemination from the same sperm donor.

“We have two beautiful babies and we’re a really happy family,” Anna said.

Kirsty and Anna, who married in 2010, were both desperate to become mums but couldn’t afford the expense of ...  Continue reading

31 to 40 of 48 blog posts.
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