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Slow but sure beats speed in sperm race, says study

Fastest swimmers don’t necessarily get the prize for once!

A new study into how sperm compete to be the first to fertilise a female egg has overturned conventional belief that the fastest wins, says a study published online in Current Biology.

The research into fruit fly sperm, carried out by the Department of Biology at Syracuse University, New York, has found ...  Continue reading

US couples compete in competition to win free IVF

American fertility clinic holds contest selecting three couples out of 45 to win a free cycle of IVF

A controversial contest in the US has seen 45 couples compete to win a free IVF cycle, reports TIME magazine.

The contest called the “I Believe Video Journal Project”, run by Sher Fertility Insitute in Las Vegas, offered couples who were struggling to have a baby the chance to change their lives. 

To ...  Continue reading

Couple advertise leftover IVF embryos on the Internet

A couple who had 18 spare embryos after IVF shift them online

An American couple, who underwent IVF treatment, have advertised 18 leftover embryos online in an “open adoption”.

Deb and Kevin McCrea were left with 18 spare embryos after having fertility treatment and becoming parents to two boys and a girl, reports the Daily Mail.

The couple had several options for the spare embryos, ...  Continue reading

First baby born by CCTV

IVF baby has been born using embryo video monitor

Three-week-old Isabella Potter has become the first baby in Britain to be conceived and born using an embryo scanning incubator reports The Telegraph. 

The Embryoscope is an incubator with a built-in microscope and camera. This is used in the lab to monitor embryos round the clock over a period of 5 days, ...  Continue reading

Trying to get pregnant? Why walking, gardening and cycling could help

Research suggests that moderate exercise regimes could help when trying to conceive

A new study suggests that, for women who are trying to get pregnant, moderate physical exercise could help their conception success. The study, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, claims to have found that moderate physical exercise could help women who are trying to conceive.

Researchers observed more than 3,500 women, ...  Continue reading

New rules insist only one in ten IVF births be multiple

Only one in ten births following IVF treatment should be twins or triplets under new regulations

Fertility clinics have been told to reduce the number of multiple pregnancies that result from IVF treatment.

Multiple births are the biggest risk associated with the treatment, so the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has lowered the target for multiple births from 15% to 10%. This target will come ...  Continue reading

Sperm count more important than career

A good career, good looks and being popular with the opposite sex are less important than a healthy sperm count, if a new poll is to be believed

A healthy sperm count means more to men than being popular with women or having a successful job, according to a new survey looking at life’s top priorities.

The poll of 3,000 men saw the lads ranking a healthy sperm count equal third with healthy bank balances, reports the Press Association.

In first ...  Continue reading

7 blog posts returned.
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