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Natural birth kick starts brain boosting protein

Study claims natural birth stimulates baby brain development

Giving birth naturally triggers the release of a protein in the brain of newborns that improves brain development and function into adulthood, according to a new study reported in Science Daily

Researchers at Yale School of Medicine looked at the effect of natural birth versus surgical deliveries in mice and found ...  Continue reading

Obese mums’ babies don’t grow normally in the womb

Researches warn overweight mothers affect their baby’s growth while they’re in utero

Obese women may be affecting their baby’s development while they’re still in utero, scientists warn.

A study of 97 mothers, 38 of whom were overweight or obese, shows unborn infants grow more slowly compared to women of ‘normal’ weight.

Researches from the University of Iowa noted that babies of ...  Continue reading

Five million test tube babies born to date

IVF hits a remarkable milestone

Five million “test tube babies” have now been born around the world, according to research announced at a conference of fertility experts.

Experts hailed the data presented at The International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies (Icmart) as a “remarkable milestone” for fertility treatments, reports BBC News.

“This technology has been highly successful ...  Continue reading

Mum beats rare placenta cancer and walks again

Bally Taylor developed a rare form of cancer during pregnancy but proved doctors wrong after she was told she would lose the use of her legs

A woman suffering from an extremely rare form of cancer while pregnant, who was told she would never walk again, has made a miraculous recovery.

Bally Taylor suffered from a condition so rare that only six other women in the world have been affected by it, reports the Daily Mail.

Bally was told ...  Continue reading

HELLP syndrome mum raises awareness after baby heartache

A mum who lost her baby daughter after HELLP syndrome has sprung into action to raise awareness for the condition

A mum, who lost her daughter after contracting HELLP syndrome in her 16th week of pregnancy, has become determined to raise awareness for the condition to help other pregnant women.

Kelly Lewis contracted HELLP syndrome, a form of pre-eclampsia, while she was pregnant with her daughter Ellissia. Sadly Kelly had no choice ...  Continue reading

Pregnant woman survives falling ten feet then gives birth

Jo Tointon survived falling through her bathroom floor and gave birth just hours later

A pregnant woman went into labour after falling 10 feet through her bathroom floor into her kitchen below, reports the Daily Mail.

Jo Tointon from Nottingham, who was 35 weeks pregnant, was taken to Queen’s Medical Centre hospital and her baby son Eddy was delivered by c-section just hours later.

Jo and her ...  Continue reading

Apprentice star’s ‘miracle baby’ joy

Karen Bremner reveals she’s pregnant after being told she was infertile

Former Apprentice star Karen Bremner has revealed she’s pregnant with her second child after she was told she was infertile, reports the Daily Record.

Karen, mum to 8-year-old Cameron, had abandoned all hope of having a second baby after doctors told her she had unexplained infertility. So Karen and her husband Darren, ...  Continue reading

Is the male Pill one step closer?

Scientists believe they new findings mean they may be getting closer to making a male contraceptive pill

Researchers believe that they have made a vital discovery that means they could be one step closer to developing a contraceptive pill that works for men and the effects of which could be reversed, reports BBC News

Scientists leading the study at the Centre of Reproductive Health at the University of Edinburgh ...  Continue reading

Mum given 35 gallons of blood during labour gives interview

Gina Walker talks on TV show about her ordeal and how both mum and baby are doing well

A mother who needed a blood transfusion of 35 gallons of blood after giving birth has appeared on the Today show to give her first interview.

Mum-of-five Gina Walker, from Texas, USA, appeared on the show with her husband and baby daughter Addison Grace, reports The Daily Mail.

Gina was diagnosed with a ...  Continue reading

Shock birth for woman who thought her labour pains were kidney stones

Woman told she would have trouble conceiving gives birth just hours after her misdiagnosis

A woman who was told she could not conceive naturally has given birth after doctor’s diagnosed her stomach pains as kidney stones, reports The Sun.

Stacey Bonsall, 22, had no idea she was pregnant until the day she gave birth. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in 2008 and told she would ...  Continue reading

1 to 10 of 15 blog posts.
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