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Chinese fertility treatments
Before you hot-foot it to the IVF clinic, have you considered using Chinese fertility treatments to help you conceive?

03 April 2012

Taking your vitamins does help conception, new study finds
Vitamin and mineral supplements found to double women’s chance of getting pregnant

05 December 2011

What to expect from acupuncture treatment
Preparation for acupuncture, how it can help IVF and what to expect from your first session

06 October 2011

Acupuncture and fertility
Discover everything you need to know about acupuncture for fertility and conception, and what to expect from this alternative therapy

06 October 2011

Could the key to having babies at an older age lie in your anti-aging face cream?
Scientists believe co-enzyme Q10 could help older women produce healthier eggs for longer

23 September 2011

Simple hormone test predicts how long women remain fertile
New research allows experts to measure how fast a woman’s biological clock is ticking and when she’ll no longer be able to conceive

08 August 2011

Grow your own sperm
New technology could help infertile men become dads

05 August 2011

Male infertility breakthrough
New test will reduce waiting times for treatment and improve chances of conception, say scientists.

08 June 2011

Why coffee cuts your chance of getting pregnant
Scientists say they’ve discovered the reason why coffee can make it harder for women to conceive a baby

26 May 2011

Unexpected mineral deficiency could harm UK fertility and baby development
Lack of iodine in women's diets could explain infertility and threaten baby brain development

12 April 2011

Size does matter – when it comes to fertility
Key male genital measurement linked to fertility

05 April 2011

Lab-grown sperm could spell hope for infertile men
Men suffering from infertility could one day father biological children using sperm grown in a test tube

24 March 2011

Couples more likely to conceive with nutritional therapy than IVF
Pregnancy success rates for couples following a healthy nutritional plan is higher than IVF, according to research

08 February 2011

Having a laugh could boost chances of conceiving
A small study has found that chuckling from a funny joke or watching magic tricks increase chances of IVF success

11 January 2011

Hypnotise yourself pregnant?
Mum-to-be thanks hypnotherapy for working when IVF failed

08 November 2010

New genetic test could predict early menopause
Women in their 20s may soon have a genetic test to predict when they'll go through the menopause

18 October 2010

“Restarting” ovaries after early menopause a step closer
Hope that women who go through menopause early may still be able to have their own babies

15 September 2010

Anti-aging vitamin pill DHEA could boost fertility
DHEA supplement increases fertility, reduces miscarriage risk and leads to healthier and more successful pregnancies, find trials

04 August 2010

Dorset chalk man carving helps local baby boom?
Cerne Abbas Giant credited with fertility powers and recent ONS birth rate statistics

27 July 2010

Will women evolve to be fertile for longer?
Having children later in life could “potentially lead to improvements in old-age fertility”, says study.

23 July 2010

1 to 20 of 33 articles.
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