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Celebrity mums talk breastfeeding
Find out what the stars think about nursing

31 July 2012

Breastfeeding with breast implants
Everything you need to know about breastfeeding after a boob job

29 March 2012

NCT to change ‘evangelical’ stance on breastfeeding
The trust drops “breastapo” style campaigning in a bid to be more inclusive

23 January 2012

Breastfed babies cry… more?
New research claims breastfed babies are more likely to be cranky and take longer to settle than their formula fed counterparts

11 January 2012

Breastfeeding flash mob hits Brighton
Group of 40 mums protest after woman receives abuse for breastfeeding in a restaurant

16 December 2011

Breastfeeding essential buys
Get ready to breastfeed with these essential products to help you get to grips with nursing

07 November 2011

Mum told to stop breastfeeding in Debenhams
Oxford branch of Debenhams apologises for staff who told a new mum to stop breastfeeding in the store

14 October 2011

Mums to get two hours breastfeeding breaks a day
EU proposes new maternity rules for businesses

11 October 2011

Babies sniff out their mum's breast milk
Research suggests newborns are guided to their food supply by their noses

06 October 2011

5 best buys for breastfeeding
Give yourself the confidence to breastfeed with these five best buys that are brilliant at making breastfeeding easier and fun

27 September 2011

5 tips to make breastfeeding on holiday easier
You're off on holiday, past the sore breasts and nipples stage, and ready to get breastfeeding abroad. Here's how to do it with confidence

02 August 2011

Breastfeeding flashmob hits Manchester
Breastfeeding rates on the up as mums take to the streets to raise awareness during National Breastfeeding Week

22 June 2011

Longer maternity leave makes women more likely to breastfeed
Mums who have longer than 6 weeks off when they have a baby are more likely to try breastfeeding and keep it up for longer, finds new study

02 June 2011

What painkillers are safe to take while breastfeeding?
If you're suffering while feeding, what can you take that won't harm your baby

19 May 2011

When to stop breastfeeding
So you've opted to give your baby the best start in life, but how do you know when it's time to stop?

03 May 2011

Nursing tops for fashion-conscious breastfeeding mums
Breastfeeding clothing needn't be dowdy, as our trend report on fashion that lets you feed your baby in style shows...

08 April 2011

Mums’ milk to be made into ice cream
Ice cream maker churns breast milk for an unusual flavour in top London ice cream parlour

24 February 2011

Women encouraged to continue breastfeeding from the office
Government asks employers to provide facilities for their breastfeeding mums to feed their babies or express milk at work

29 November 2010

Scottish breastmilk bank praised for saving seriously ill babies
Mum of premature twins thanks breastmilk donations

19 November 2010

Baby formula “should only be available on prescription”
Australian doctor causes outrage as she suggests that formula should be banned from supermarket shelves

23 September 2010

1 to 20 of 77 articles.
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