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No more babies for Amanda Holden

After nearly dying during the birth of daughter Hollie, Amanda says her family is perfect

Posted: 28 February 2012
by Anna Lewis
Amanda Holden is over the moon with the family she's got
Amanda Holden is over the moon with the family she's got

Amanda Holden has ruled out having any more children after the recent birth of daughter Hollie nearly killed her.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, who also has a 6-year-old daughter, Lexi, reckons two is the “perfect number” and jokes that “maybe we’ll get rabbits instead.”

Amanda, 41, nearly died following the caesarean birth of her second daughter in January and spent three days in intensive care after suffering a huge haemorrhage.

She and husband Chris were delighted when they found out she was expecting back in spring last year, especially after Amanda suffered two tragic miscarriages before becoming pregnant with Hollie. The couple were devastated last year when Amanda miscarried their son at seven-months, leading to these hurried changes on Britain's Got Talent.

After admitting that they weren’t ready to talk about the traumatic birth of Hollie straight away, the couple have only recently revealed the horrific details, which saw Amanda flatlining for 40 seconds after losing “13 to 15 litres of blood.”

Amanda flatlined

Chris says he heard a huge splash, as though a bucket of water had been knocked on the floor. It was Amanda’s blood.

He describes it as “like a scene from a horror movie.”

“For seven minutes Chris didn’t know if I was alive or dead,” Amanda reveals. “As much blood as they were putting in me was going out. It just would not clot.

“My heart stopped and I was literally moments from death. It was touch and go.”

Near fatal blood loss

The TV star suffered placenta praevia during her pregnancy, which the hospital knew about and was prepared for. What nobody was ready for was the near fatal blood loss she experienced.

“They literally ran out of my blood group in London,” she says. “They had them on mopeds coming from everywhere with it.”

Amanda saw her newborn daughter for mere moments after the birth but was soon put under general anesthetic to stem the bleeding and wasn’t reunited with her for three days.

Mums who don't get to hold their babies straight after giving birth can sometimes have trouble bonding, but judging by the family’s first picture together, that hasn’t been a problem.

“I fell in love with her immediately,” Amanda says. “I felt like I’d been given this enormous gift. I held her and just thought ‘We’ve gone through this together.'”

Possible adoption?

Amanda is now safely home from the hospital and has even returned to work on Britain’s Got Talent.

Chris says that after nearly losing his wife, the idea of adding to the family “makes his stomach turn,” but Amanda does have another option outside of the rabbits...

“I keep joking that maybe we’ll adopt some!" she says.

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