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Parents-to-be Chantelle and Alex reveal their plans for birth and beyond

Pregnant Chantelle Houghton discusses alcohol, breastfeeding and her nanny plans

Posted: 6 March 2012
by Kimberley Smith
Chantelle won't let pregnancy slow her down in the bedroom
Chantelle's not touching a drop during her pregnancy

Chantelle Houghton has revealed that the thought of drinking in pregnancy makes her feel sick with guilt. After fellow celeb mum-to-be Stacey Soloman was attacked for smoking this week, Chantelle’s not taking any risks with her miracle pregnancy.

“I’ve read that one glass can cause the baby to have brain damage. If I sat there and had a drink, I would feel so worried out of my head,” Chantelle said in an interview with OK! Magazine. “I like the idea of drinking a glass of wine but the thought of actually doing it makes me feel guilty.”

Chantelle, who’s around 7 months pregnant with her and fiancé Alex Reid’s first child, also revealed she’s in denial about some of the more unsavoury parts of pregnancy. “Do you get piles?” she asked. “No, you can’t! I would keep that secret from Alex!”

Despite being perhaps a little naïve, Chantelle’s avoiding the ‘too posh to push’ label by planning a natural birth. “I’m just going to have the baby naturally if I can,” she said. 

And Chantelle also revealed her plans to breastfeed, despite having breast implants. “I wouldn’t have had them done if I couldn’t do that,” she explained.

The couple, who have already discovered the sex of their child, plan to do without the help of a nanny, saying, “There are women out there who hold down full-time jobs, so why should I need a nanny? Everyone needs a babysitter now and again, but you don’t need anyone full-time.”


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