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Tori Spelling’s husband welcomes new baby into 'bonkers' family

Dean McDermott writes open letter to newborn Finn Davey

Posted: 3 September 2012
by Fiona McKim

Dean admits he and Tori are "a bit kooky"

Proud parents Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have welcomed their fourth child, Finn Davey, into the world with a heartfelt – and hilarious – open letter.

Dean posted the message on his website, offering his son an introduction to the family, saying, “They’re always full of love, laughter and energy. Quite frankly they’re absolutely bonkers too, but you’re going to love them”.

The reality star also warned “Mom and Dad are a bit kooky too – that’s just how we roll. Not to worry though, we’ll grow on you after a while. So strap on your onesie, because it’s going to be a wild ride”.

Clearly besotted with his precious new bundle, doting dad Dean gushed, “I can’t wait to encourage you, and tell you that you’re the most amazing person in the world, and that you can do anything or be anything you want to be.

“I’ll be there for your first tears, your first bump and bruise. I’ll be there for your first steps, your first words, and your first day at school. I’ll be there for your first broken heart, your first award, your first car, I’ll be there for your wedding day, and I’ll be there for your firstborn”.

All together now… Awww!


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