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How to introduce lumps
Mastering lumpy food is essential for your baby's development. Here's how to make the transition go smoothly

11 October 2012

Foods you shouldn't give your baby at 7-9 months
Which cheese is OK for your baby? Is it OK to give her eggs or cow's milk? We have the answers

06 October 2012

Seven ways to solve fussy eating
Are you despairing of your baby ever eating a decent meal? Read our tried-and-tested strategies for increasing his food intake

02 September 2012

How much milk does your baby need?
Keep your little one’s calories and calcium levels topped up by making sure he gets the right amount of the white stuff

01 September 2012

Troubleshooting: Weaning at 7-9 months
Moving your baby on to solids isn't always a smooth process – here are some tips to overcome common weaning problems

03 August 2012

10 top tips for feeding on the run
Don’t be a prisoner in your own home during the weaning stage. Here’s how to make a success of feeding your baby when out and about

01 May 2011

Take the stress out of messy eating
Tearing your hair out over mucky mealtimes? Follow our dos and don'ts for a calmer weaning experience

01 February 2011

Lumps or not? When can you start introducing different textures?
From first lumps to chopped family foods, make sure the meals you make for your little one meet his stage of development

01 February 2011

Why avocado is great at 7-9 months
Avocados often get a bad press for being calorific, but they are a great source of energy for growing babies

24 September 2010

There are 9 articles
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