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Providing interesting meals day after day for all the members of your family can be a lot of work. Heinz shows you simple ways to serve up delicious and nutritious meals without spending hours in the kitchen.

Heinz Cook at Home

It can be really exciting, even if a little daunting making your baby's first meals. Heinz has developed the Heinz Cook at Home range of cooking ingredients which have been specially made for babies by our expert nutritionists.

Here are some tips for creating delicious home-cooked food:

  • Use Cook at Home sauces to complete your baby's meal by adding some of your own ingredients to make marvellous meals in minutes
  • Get your baby used to the same meals you are eating by using the same base ingredients. Try using Cook at Home sauces instead of family sauces that tend to be high in salt
  • Experiment with different shapes like Cook at Home little pasta stars. If food is interesting to look at, your baby may be more likely to want to explore the taste
  • Use ice cube trays to freeze little portions for when you've got a bit less time or when your baby gets a bit older, try using silicone muffin cases - all the Cook at Home sauces are suitable for freezing

Why not try some of these of these recipes to help inspire your home cooking:
for 7 months +
for 7 months +
Just some of the ingredients you might need:
Ideal for adding to roast dinners or pouring over vegetables and meat.
Cooking Sauce
We've created these sauces so they're just right for your baby, and makes life a little easier for you. Combine with Cook at Home pasta to make a delicious meal in minutes
Cut to size, Heinz Cook at Home pasta is a great base for your baby's meals.
Stock Cubes
Stock Cubes can be used as an ingredient for cooking to add flavour to family meals or meals for babies from 4-6 months onwards.

Click above to see a short film from Natalie and her baby Leo on their experience with home cooking