Feeding a 10-12 months baby
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Feeding a 10-12 months baby

Feeding your 10-12 month old baby
It's time to leave purees behind and encourage him to move onto chopped solid food. We reveal how to get him chewing and chomping and enjoying healthy snacks and...

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Say bye-bye to the blender
Is it time to move on from purees? Here's how to recognise when your baby is ready to tackle more solid foods (even if she doesn't have any teeth yet!)

03 March 2011

Coping with mealtime messiness
More food on the floor, or smeared over your baby's face, than in her mouth? It's par for the course at this inquisitive age - here's how to cope with a messy eater

25 February 2011

Fussy eaters at age 10-12 months
The nearer your baby gets to one, the more independent he'll become at mealtimes – and, quite possibly, more fussy. Here's our dos and don'ts to help you survive feeding time

19 February 2011

How to help your baby start feeding himself
Yes, it will be messy and a lot will probably end up on the floor - but now's the time to encourage your baby to grab that spoon

18 February 2011

Drinks for your baby at 10-12 months
Your baby still needs around a pint of milk a day. We explain how to keep this in her diet and how much water she should be drinking

29 November 2010

What foods are safe to give your 10-12 month baby
Now your baby's really in his stride with feeding, make sure you know what foods are safe to introduce over the next few months

29 November 2010

Why healthy snacks are good for your baby right now
Snacks don't have to mean unhealthy treats. Get inspired with this simple good food

26 November 2010

Introducing your baby to chopped food
Now your baby is confident with lumpy mashed food, it's time to start chopping and dicing

04 July 2008

There are 8 articles
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