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Food safety

Food safety
Discover how to keep your little one safe in the kitchen and give her the right foods that are appropriate for her age

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How to freeze food safely
Have those fishfingers been in there weeks - or years? Check you're using your freezer safely, whether it's full of purees for baby or casseroles for you

03 March 2011

All you need to know about sterilising
It keeps your baby's feeding kit clean, and stops bacteria breeding – but what do you really need to sterilise, and when can you finally stop?

03 March 2011

Cooking safely with microwaves
It's tempting for tired or time-starved mums to heat up baby food in the microwave, but how risky is it for your little one?

27 February 2011

Beat bugs in the kitchen
Don't want your baby to get an unnecessary tummy upset? Then follow these tips for obliterating germs and bacteria in your domestic domain

20 February 2011

Dishwashers versus sterilisers: the lowdown
It's all too tempting for tired mums to swap the steriliser for the dishwasher when it comes to cleaning bottles and teats. But is it really safe for baby?

19 February 2011

Choking hazards at mealtimes
Find out the foods you should avoid giving little ones and others to use with care

11 October 2010

There are 6 articles
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