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Are you a mum who loves devising your own tasty and healthy recipes? Do you have a favourite combination for a delicious baby meal you’d like to share with other mums? Well here’s how to share it with Heinz...

Happy mealtimes start with a great recipe

In the case of our Heinz Mum’s Own Recipe range, all of the recipe ideas come from mums who want to share the tasty ideas that have given them happy mealtimes with their little ones.

So what’s involved?
Take Rachel Jones. A working mum from North Wales, she sent us a recipe she’d made for her baby daughter Lucy. She’d noticed how much Lucy wanted to eat what the rest of the family was having, so she created a version of pasta with ham and cheese that was suitable for everyone but could be adapted for Lucy too. Rachel’s recipe seemed to us to be just what other mums would be looking for.

Heinz Mum's Own RecipeHeinz nutritionist Claire and head development chef Gian Luca agreed that it ticked all the right boxes for a 7 months+ recipe. In particular, the tiny pieces of pasta would provide just the right amount of texture for little mouths. At this age, babies still can’t chew - but the more they use their mouth and tongue, the quicker they develop the muscles they need for speech and chewing.

So what makes them so nutritious and just right for baby?
We select just the right pasta, specially cut to be just the right size for the first time you’ve ever tried lumpy bits. Meanwhile, a team of five development chefs ensure the recipe contains low salt and a source of minerals such as iron. Mum’s Own Recipes are also the only baby food available with a source of iron in every meal. We believe this is really important because by the time your little one gets older their iron stores become low and a source of iron is needed to help baby’s immune system. And last but not least we never use artificial flavourings, preservatives or colourings in our baby food because you wouldn’t either.

Ready for the all important taste test
Will Rachel be happy - and even more importantly, what does Lucy think? "Lucy couldn't tell the difference between the Heinz version and mine" Rachel says. "As for me, I was so impressed by the care and perfectionism they devoted to my recipe. After all, I only have to cook it for four people - Heinz has to cook it for tens of thousands!"

For your chance to share you favourite baby food recipe with more than just your family send your tasty options to us at

We can’t wait to taste them!